Pioneering Spirit

UI/UX Designer

mobile app


Mitrais iOS Newsletter

Redesigned Mitrais corporate newslettter which contains news for their not only for products and services, but also the company cultures and employees' stories.


Case study coming soon

website design


High-End Furniture Website

Singapore-based furniture company website for an easier furniture shopping. Get detailed information 3D furniture preview and etc. Available on your mobile and tablet as well!


Case study coming soon

website design


Modular Multi-Sport News

Rethinking sports news website for a better experience. Get a multi-sport news in one website, personalise your favourite sport for your high enjoyable news reading.


Case study coming soon

Music Player UI/UX Redesign

This A music app that looks like a galaxy wanderer would use.

Besley and Pike

A website built for envelopes that look expensive, but it’s not.

Bottle O’ Shop Digitally Reimagined

It’s wino timey!

Inspiring Stories for Couple's Dark Times

Get issues resolved. Get help.

Music Web Store Redesigned

When you prefer physical music tapes but lazy to get it on the store.

E-Commerce Fashion Store

For youngsters and $fashionrebels of Singapore.

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